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Happy Earth Day! Let's Protect The Planet Together!

We've destroyed 90% of the world's giant redwoods. Let's not destroy the planet. Photograph Copyright © 2015 Alexander Chow-Stuart.
We need to protect the Earth's incredible biodiversity and threatened creatures such as the Weedy Sea Dragon. Photograph Copyright © 2015 Alexander Chow-Stuart.
Sea anemones are part of the ocean's natural beauty. We must respect and love all marine life! Photograph Copyright © 2015 Alexander Chow-Stuart.
Let's keep the oceans as clean and unexploited as possible. We are guardians of the planet! Photograph Copyright © 2015 Alexander Chow-Stuart.
Anyone who messes with Planet Earth will have to deal with Crazy Alex! Photograph Copyright © 2015 Alexander Chow-Stuart.

Today is Earth Day. Let's all work together to protect this beautiful planet, of which we are guardians not owners, for the astonishing multitude of species it supports - and for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

We are at a tipping point, at which the Earth's own protective systems break down - melting polar ice and permafrost will reflect less solar energy (heat) back into space.

Please read more detail in this article from The Guardian:

And please watch this beautiful five-minute documentary about the vital interconnectedness of all species: 

I hope you enjoy and respect Earth Day - and reflect on our impact on this planet not just today but every day of the year.

We have used and abused the planet for our own ends. If we don't change how we treat Planet Earth, it may result in our own end.

For further information about humankind's devastating impact on the planet, read the New York Times bestseller, The Sixth Extinction, by New Yorker writer Elizabeth Kolbert. We need to act now!

A beautiful sunset near Yosemite National Park. Photograph Copyright © 2015 Alexander Chow-Stuart.
A mangrove in the Florida Keys. Mangrove swamps are in great need of protection. Photograph Copyright © 2015 Alexander Chow-Stuart.
We can harness the power of nature and still maintain natural beauty, such as here at Lyons Lake Dam in Tuolumne County, California. Photograph Copyright © 2015 Alexander Chow-Stuart.


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