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Alexander Stuart - Biography

Since the tabs bar on my blog seems to be totally MIA, here's the biography page that is one of the links usually accessible with it. Alexander Chow-Stuart by Hudson Chow-Stuart. Alexander Stuart (aka Alexander Chow-Stuart) is an internationally-based, British-born screenwriter and novelist, whose books have been translated into eight languages and published in the US, Britain, Europe, Israel, Australia and throughout the world. His most controversial novel, The War Zone , about a family torn apart by incest, was turned into a multi-award-winning film by Oscar-nominated actor/director Tim Roth . Video To view the 40-minute talk Stuart gave at Film Fest Twain Harte about screenwriting for Hollywood and independents, including working one-on-one with Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster, Tim Roth, Kiefer Sutherland and Danny Boyle, please play the video above or  please click on this link. Screenplays The War Zone screenplay. Stuar

Missing Tabs On This Blog

Something mysterious has happened with the template for this blog at the moment, and various tabs are missing on some browsers, so here are links to the main page tabs that usually appear in the black bar at the top of the blog: Alexander Stuart - Biography A Meditation On Meditation The War Zone filmloops/fragments - Miami Art Museum Hopefully normal service will be resumed very soon!