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Nick D'Aloisio Talks About Yahoo News Digest and Apple Watches on Bloomberg TV (Video)

I first met Nick D'Aloisio on Twitter when he was fifteen and had created Summly , a remarkable algorithm (and company) that summarized news stories into 400 characters that you could then expand into a longer article if you wanted greater depth. I introduced Nick to our wonderful friend Stephen Fry  (of whom he is a huge fan), and Stephen became a spokesperson for the company, making an entertaining and highly memorable commercial in which he and Nick sat opposite each other in quite distinctive blue chairs. Nick D'Aloisio and Stephen Fry. In March of 2013, Nick sold Summly to Yahoo for a reported $30 million, started working with Marissa Mayer and headed up a team that has created another truly beautiful and innovative news app, Yahoo News Digest , which deservedly won the 2014 Apple Design Award. Presenting a mix of summarized news, photographs, quotes, a highly relevant Twitter feed and deeper background information, Yahoo News Digest is the first tru