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John Boswell's Astonishing Symphony of Science Music Videos

Thanks to the truly moving and gentle Mr Rogers mashup, Garden Of Your Mind (see my blog post below), I have discovered the astonishing work of John D Boswell - aka melodysheep - a genius musician and video artist whose ability to weave together science and music, creativity and love for humankind, makes him quite unique.

The video above, We Are Star Dust (Joni Mitchell was right:), from Boswell's Symphony of Science series, is literally one of the most thought-provoking and inspiring combinations of sound and image that I have seen - it may even change the way you think/feel about yourself and your body and your place in this incredible cosmos.

The video below, The Quantum World!, is equally remarkable and challenging - you may not think/feel the same about the seemingly "solid" physical world around you after watching it.

It is incredible that in the space of brief and beautiful music videos, Boswell/melodysheep communicates such profound ideas about humanity and its place in the universe.

He does this by weaving together clips of cutting-edge scientists, including Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman and Michio Kaku, from television shows such as Cosmos, The Elegant Universe and The Eyes of Nye, and "autotuning" (correcting the pitch of) their voices to match Boswell's own gentle, electronic musical compositions. 

If you want to see more of his work, check out John Boswell's melodysheep YouTube channel - and download the Symphony of Science series, and other work, as mp3s...but please make a contribution, as Boswell offers a "Name Your Price" option - and he has contributed so much himself.



  1. Barbara FarkasJuly 26, 2012

    I could listen to this repeatedly and know that yes, I believe we are stardust, each time I look up at the magnificent night sky and feel that mystical power. Must be why I love the Milky Way so much. Ever since I read Carlos Castaneda's "The Adventures of Don Juan", my beliefs have been anchored in this mystical phenomenon. There is power in the Universe, it is the power of Life.

  2. Barbara FarkasJuly 26, 2012

    That is "The Teachings of Don Juan" and there certainly were adventures involved, :-)

  3. Thanks, Barbara. I also read the works of Carlos Castaneda - and experienced them in other ways - and what we "see" and experience of the world in most of our daily life is but a tiny fragment of what exists around us and within us.

    Meditation helps remind me constantly that we live in infinity - it's here now, eternity is not some abstract concept we are working toward. If we could touch the farthest reaches of the cosmos (perhaps we can!), we would know that our daily "reality" is like a bead of water on a vast, infinite glass jar.


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