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John Boswell's Astonishing Symphony of Science Music Videos

Thanks to the truly moving and gentle Mr Rogers mashup, Garden Of Your Mind (see my blog post below ), I have discovered the astonishing work of John D Boswell - aka melodysheep - a genius musician and video artist whose ability to weave together science and music, creativity and love for humankind, makes him quite unique. The video above, We Are Star Dust ( Joni Mitchell was right:), from Boswell's Symphony of Science series, is literally one of the most thought-provoking and inspiring combinations of sound and image that I have seen - it may even change the way you think/feel about yourself and your body and your place in this incredible cosmos. The video below, The Quantum World! , is equally remarkable and challenging - you may not think/feel the same about the seemingly "solid" physical world around you after watching it. It is incredible that in the space of brief and beautiful music videos, Boswell/melodysheep communicates such profound ideas abou