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Chinatown Nights - Please Contribute To My Kickstarter Campaign

I have just launched my Kickstarter project - my novel, CHINATOWN NIGHTS - Blade Runner meets The Maltese Falcon - an explosive love story and thriller set in 1919, interweaving real-life and fictional characters.

It is the longest and most complex work I have ever written, one that has been in my life since it was first commissioned by Doubleday in the UK.

I have written a substantial part of the book, but I would like to raise finance through Kickstarter to give me the ti
me and space to develop its potential to its full, and to explore in a thrilling way the complex interrelationships and narratives between the characters.

Please watch the VIDEO at the Kickstarter site above. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you're as excited by Chinatown Nights as I am, and by the incentives offered - and I hope you'll contribute at any level!

Every dollar counts...I want this to be the most spectacular event in my life!

Please be the first to contribute to my Kickstarter goal of $20,000. I will thank everyone who contributes personally (although I don't think I will know your names until the funding period closes).

Warmest wishes,

[Please note that, as of August 23 2012, I have now started a new Kickstarter campaign for Chinatown Nights, and the links above now connect to the new campaign.]