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Pixar's next movie - Brave

Image from Brave - Copyright Disney/Pixar.
A little treat for all of you coming to my The Magic of Pixar Writing Workshop this Saturday December 17 at the Central Sierra Arts Council from 11am - 1pm. (Please see the Central Sierra Arts Council's website for more details.)

This is a still from Pixar's next animated movie, Brave, coming next summer - an original Scottish fairytale with a young girl at its heart. It looks amazing. (Image copyright Disney/Pixar)


  1. Yes, the Scottish folktales are rich with strong female characters, who are quite heroic! A favorite of mine is "The Lass Who Went out with the Cry of Dawn," which is richly told by storyteller Cynthia Restivo ( It is a story of a younger sister who rescues her older sister from an evil wizard. I've seen previews for "Brave," and I'm looking forward to seeing it with my grands!

  2. The Celts in general had very power female figures, both mystical and warriors. Boudica apparently drew inspiration from a Celtic goddess and there are various legendary Scottish and Irish women warriors. There is a circular stone structure on St Kilda's, one of the most remote Scottish islands, called Taigh na Banaghaisgeich, the "Amazon's House," which was the home and place of worship of a local female warrior.

    Britain is full of amazing historical structures. One of my favorite places there is Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, an island by high tide but connected to the mainland by a causeway (and now a road) when the tide is low. There is an 11th Century monastery on the island that I think (linking one culture with another far away) was built around the same time as the Hopi Rock Dwellings in Arizona or New Mexico. The weaving and quilting of Lindisfarne also bears some similarities to Islamic art - although I don't know if any direct connection has been proven.

    Back to Pixar - I think Brave will be a wonderful new departure for them. It's their 13th film and in itself seems a "brave" new direction to go in: a female protagonist, a rugged fairytale setting, a whole new world for them.

  3. Bz, there's also an interesting book by Kathleen Ragan called Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales from Around the World, available from Amazon at:


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