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Sunset of the Year

Writing about the electrical short in the boat reminded me of this, our favorite sunset of the year, when the whole family was out on the water and for about ten minutes we were enveloped by the most astonishing, radiant pink light as the sun began to set. (Photograph by Alexander Chow-Stuart)

Simple Electricity

Hudson and Paradise were sick yesterday and home from school, but it was such a beautiful day I decided to take them out on the lake, along with our American Eskimo, Stoli, who enjoys adventures of any kind. We navigated our way through the weed - which at this time of year is thick and can tangle the propellor quickly if you're not careful - but we made it out onto the water and it was just glorious. We were appreciating the stillness and silence of the lake, and the sight of many geese and ducks preparing to migrate for the winter (we've also seen heron and heard loons at night lately), when I accidentally dropped my metal drinking bottle onto the boat's battery. There was a spark, a sharp hiss and I had to react very quickly to knock the water bottle off the battery. It only made contact for two or three seconds - but it was enough to create a short and burn three small holes through the metal casing of the drinking bottle. Hudson and Paradise were actually qui

VIDEO - Keith Olbermann Reads The Statement Released By Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Keith Olbermann Reads The Statement Released By The Wall Street Protesters - 2011-10-05  This video is going viral. It was originally shared with me by Pam Levitan on Facebook - to whom, many thanks.

Miso The Magnificent

I came across this picture of our lovebird Miso in a tree at Hudson's last school, Muse, in Topanga Canyon. Miso has been a much-loved part of the family for four years now.

Occupy Wall Street - Wear A Peter King Mask Today!

I love this statement by Republican congressman (New York's 3rd district) Peter King about the rapidly growing #OccupyWallStreet movement - because everything he says makes me love it all the more and proves him to be such a Dick...Cheney. As anyone who has seen my Twitter feed would know, I have been following the Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy events across the country (see map below) and think they are the most exciting thing that has happened in US politics in years (although I still think that President Obama being elected was a pretty monumental step in itself). I think we should all let the Occupy movement grow: give it space to find its feet, make statements, contradict those statements, find leaders, find different leaders, make mistakes, do whatever it takes to make the " I am the 99% " slogan ring out across America. And to those who say these demonstrators don't want to work (hey, there are so many jobs out there right now!) or that by using