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Hudson in the Santa Cruz Sentinel

Hudson working on Bunny Quest. Photograph  copyright © 2015 Shmuel Thaler, Santa Cruz Sentinel. Fabulous article today in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about Hudson and Bunny Quest , beautifully written by Kara Guzman and with a truly outstanding photograph by the Sentinel's Shmuel Thaler.  Thank you both to Kara and Shmuel for your time, your interest and the wonderful care you took in presenting the story. Hudson is thrilled, as is our whole family. If you would like to pledge to help Hudson reach his $1200 Kickstarter goal, please click here: He's already at $600 with 15 days to go. Please give a little and help him complete his first ever round of funding for the software licenses and other materials he needs to complete creating and coding the game! Thank you. Photograph credit: Shmuel Thaler

Paradise's Story About Whitey The Mouse

P hotographs Copyright  ©  2015 A lexander Chow-Stuart. Our six year old daughter Paradise had a big day this week. On Tuesday morning, she wrote (or dictated) four stories in a row, each one quite magical. In the afternoon, she learned to balance on her bike - and rode for two or three miles with us a couple of days later. Of her stories, my favorite was this one, about Whitey, her pet mouse, who sadly died recently...but who lives on in this beautiful tale of her ocean adventure in a coconut and her friendship with Whistle the Dolphin. Paradise and I actually found a coconut washed up on the beach last year, and imagined that it might have sailed across the great Pacific from Hawaii or some South Seas island. Perhaps it's the very one that Whitey the Mouse traveled here in! P hotograph Copyright  ©  2014 A lexander Chow-Stuart P hotograph Copyright  ©  2014 A lexander Chow-Stuart

Boogieboarding With My Family

Photograph Copyright  ©  2014  Charong Chow Boogieboarding with my family is one of my absolute favorite things to do. We do it often, but rarely capture it on camera. This photo of me in the surf with our daughter was taken by my wife, Charong Chow.