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Please follow me on Twitter @alexanderchow

Although I blog here fairly regularly, I am on Twitter and Tumblr all the time! Please follow me on Tumblr at and on Twitter  @alexanderchow This link should open on my live Twitter feed: Tweets by @AlexanderChow

My new Tumblr blog - where I'm at in 2015!

Happy New Year (a little late) and welcome to my new Tumblr blog at Tumblr is where the action is going to be in terms of my posts, largely because it's so easy to post from my iPhone and it's also a perfect mix between Twitter and blogging. I will continue to update posts here occasionally, and all the old posts will be accessible, but after some issues over the past couple of weeks with (which I redirected to Tumblr temporarily), I am keeping this blog up and keeping Tumblr separate at Please visit me on Tumblr  and follow me there - as well as on Twitter @alexanderchow. Thanks, Alexander

My Twitter Feed @alexanderchow

As the new year approaches, I seem to find less and less time to blog but I remain very active on Twitter, which I have always hugely enjoyed. Therefore, in 2015, although there may be the occasional photograph or longer post from me here, my blog will move to Tumblr and will share much of my Twitter feed, which is much more current and, quite frankly, more fun to do. Please follow me on Tumblr at and on Twitter  @alexanderchow Tweets by @AlexanderChow