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"Our Lake" - A Wonderful Father-Son Morning

The lake, early this morning. All photos: Alexander Chow-Stuart. This morning Hudson and I got up early and decided spontaneously to go out on the lake in our friend, Steve Stewart's electric motor boat (the only kind of of powered craft allowed on the lake). Steve is a friend and neighbor and has been incredibly kind and generous about letting us use his boats since we moved here. It was a beautiful summer's August morning, just cool enough to be comfortable before the sun's heat really dug in, and we felt great as we pushed off and navigated some pretty thick weed close to the shore. Out on the water, there was silence and the kind of calm that too few seven year olds can appreciate fully - but Hudson likes quiet and stillness as much as I do, and we both enjoyed the fact that we were the only people out on the lake. We had to stop from time to time to clear weeds from the propeller, but that only added to the sense of peace. The sun over the river. Hu