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The Stunning Hotel Sofitel Fes Palais Jamai in Fes, Morocco

Hotel Sofitel Fes Palais Jamai, Fes, Morocco.

I wanted to share this stunning photograph of the equally startling view from the Hotel Sofitel Fes Palais Jamai in Fes (or Fez), Morocco.

The hotel is truly beautiful, and the view of Fes is breathtaking. Many thanks to my best Morocco pal, Mark Willenbrock, for sharing this with me.


  1. Thanks Alexander. The hotel actually deserves to be much better known. It was owned by the Moroccan railways and was thus a sister hotel to the Mamounia in Marrakech. In some ways it's better than the Mamounia. The Jamai retains the old palace, rooms in which range from the opulent to the charming. The building's owners have a fascinating history, too. Two brothers, one of whom rose to become Grand Vizier, built the palace. After a predictable fall from grace they were incarcerated in the dungeons of the kasbah at Chefchaouen. Forgotten about for years and manacled to each other, one brother passed away in a hot summer. Too intimidated to release the corpse, the jailer sent to Rabat for permission, and by the time the messenger returned the surviving brother was manacled to a putrid corpse. He was released by the appalled Sultan and installed in a villa in Tanger, where a masseur visited him morning and evening to massage his previously chained wrists and ankles. At least, that's the myth.


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