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GATE: Jim Carrey, Eckhart Tolle and John Raatz

I was thinking about the amazing Eckhart Tolle today and remembering an event at which I met him and listened - mesmerized - to him speak, a little over two years ago, on Thursday, June 4 2009, at 20th Century Fox Studios.

This is a brief blog piece I wrote for my Loving The Wolf blog (still around on the web but superseded by this one) on Friday, June 5 2009. I hope you enjoy it:

Friday, June 5 2009

I attended an astonishing event last night at 20th Century Fox Studios: the first gathering of GATE, the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, a creation of John Raatz, Jim Carrey, Eckhart Tolle and others - including the phenomenal Melissa Etheridge and Donovan - dedicated to raising the bar among those of us who create entertainment, so that we think about the impact our work has on people and try to make that impact as positive, meaningful and, ultimately, transcendent as possible.

It doesn't mean avoiding the dark side - that can be addressed intelligently, since it is clearly a part of life and the world - but listening to and watching this group of people was a truly inspiring event. Jim Carrey seemed a thoughtful (and funny) man, and Eckhart Tolle is like a magical, highly enlightened, plain-speaking, extremely moving elf! (He spoke of his mother's death in the most personal yet relevant way.) Melissa Etheridge just made me cry when she spoke and sang - she is extraordinary.

I cannot blog fully about it now as I'm under deadline on a script, but I hope @thecitizen on Twitter will not mind me posting his lively account of the evening here (read from the bottom up!). By the way, I'm with Eckhart re: Groundhog Day - I think it is one of the best and funniest, most illuminating comedies ever...aside from all of Jim Carrey's films, of course:) There is a great chapter on Groundhog Day in a fascinating MoMA book called, The Hidden God.
  1. @ashleyvandyke is practicing the power of now...and its killing her...slowly (and I'm loving it)
  2. One of tolle's favorite films (he's seen it six times) is one of my faves too: Groundhog Day. Bill murray is my favorite actor ever.
  3. Eckart says: Jim is truly a hard act to follow....this stuff is priceless
  4. Jim Carrey: Dumb and dumber as a study in pre-egoic innocence! Fabulous. Media/news today is not what the world is or what the world wants.
  5. "My name is Jim Carrey and I've come to free the world from sin." Absolutely hilarious.
  6. Jim Carey is up. He's not just funny but one of the most active environmentalists on the planet. And he's damn down to earth.
  7. Just chatted with Adrian Grenier about collaborating on @3rdwhale @belugaboyd @greenmob @argam He's all about it.
  8. Melissa Ethridge just rocked the house to a standing ovation. I got extended chills. Super epic.
  9. Melissa Ethridge is having a moment (last time I saw her live was at the green ball in DC #gb09) so lovely (she's hilarious too)
  10. John Raatz aka @visioneering1 has worked on just about every important film ever: whatthebleep, baraka, mindwalk, etc etc epic man & friend
  11. What does transformed Hollywood look like? A place where business and consciousness work hand in hand to transform our species & planet
  12. John raatz just read the personal statement from the Dalai Lama about this event and the attendees: gave me chills
  13. Let the gratefulness overflow into blessings all around you, then it will be a good day; live each day like it was ur 1st & last #gate
  14. Hollywood is the biggest playground for collaborative creativity imaginable_sandra hay, unseen pictures, earth dance& architectsof a newdawn
  15. Carlin is repping the strength of #twitter! Says its a critical step to the transformation of consciousness! Yes! Go HBO!!!
  16. Oprah and Tolle's online ten part series was a tipping point in transformational entertainment & one of most simultaneous viewed events ever
  17. Content that comes from the place of love is the key to the transformation_scott carlin of HBO (just like I said) brilliant!
  18. Scott Carlin, pres of domestic tv distro for HBO, grad of univ of santa monica's spiritual psych: discussing the dilemma of consumerism
  19. Hollywood and the world are now ready for an upleveling of consciousness._John Raatz
  20. Listening to an "invocation for world peace" by michael fitzpatrick, famous chellist...amazingly beautiful. Frought with emotions.


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