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Birthday Dinner at Bistro Ka

This is a post from my wife, Charong Chow's yummy young-foodie blog Eating With Hudson about the wonderful dinner we all shared for my birthday last week at Bistro Ka at the Topanga Mall. Many thanks to Charong, Hudson and Paradise - and to head sushi chef Ron at Bistro Ka! Alexander's B Day Dinner at Bistro Ka Head sushi chef Ronald Asato. We headed to our favorite sushi restaurant,  Bistro Ka , at the Topanga Westfield Mall. A couple years ago, we discovered it by chance. I usually avoid mall sushi establishments, but Alexander and Hudson love sushi. The half-price sushi discounts lured us in, and we thought why not? We are very happy we did. We used to sit at one of the booths in the stylishly modern Bistro Ka, but one day recently Hudson said he wanted to sit at the sushi bar. I recommend all families to sit there. Children are in awe of the sushi chefs preparing the sushi, and they love to order directly from the chef. Crane out of a carrot for the kids. Hawa

Sunset in Saqqara, Egypt

Photograph posted by Jean Ann Esselink on TwitPic An incredibly beautiful photograph of sunset in Saqqara, Egypt on "our day of wrath" - Friday, January 28 2011 - posted by Jean Ann Esselink ( @uncucumbered on TwitPic ). May this be an image of the peace that will return to Egypt once change has come.

Astonishing Change in Egypt

Praying Amid Protests - photo: Women Worldwide Initiative For anyone fascinated by the Middle East, as I am - or in the vital role of social media such as Facebook and Twitter in events such as Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution - the events of the past four days in Egypt are truly remarkable. As I write this at Friday lunchtime, Los Angeles time, I am watching and listening to Al Jazeera English's incredible Live Streaming coverage online - without doubt the best source of news out of Egypt right now - and it is impossible to keep up with events on the ground in Cairo and throughout the country. The Egyptian capital is "ablaze" - the ruling National Democratic Party's headquarters are on fire, with no attempt to extinguish the flames - and there are astonishing images of ordinary people climbing onto tanks and military vehicles, apparently welcomed by the soldiers. At least part of the Egyptian army and police appears to have shifted allegiance to the prote

Hudson's Map of the World

I love this map of the world that our six year old son created recently. It connects us in California with China, where Charong is from, England, which is my birthplace, and Morocco, which we have been talking about a lot lately. The Hudson River also features - in a location that may surprise many New Yorkers! The lines across the ocean are shipping lanes and flight routes, linking us all.


I am currently in the process of redesigning this blog - so please bear with me while some elements may not appear in the right place! Thank you, Alexander.