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Sunset over the Pacific

Photograph  copyright © 2016 Alexander Chow-Stuart. The magnificent Pacific late this afternoon, how I love it 

Happiness - A film by Charong Chow

Ana Fouster.  Photograph  copyright © 2016 Alexander Chow-Stuart. Happiness is a short film c onceived and directed by my wife Charong Chow, which I photographed and edited.  The film features Ana Fouster and Greg Sanders as a blissfully newlywed couple. Many thanks to Ana and Greg for their wonderful participation, and also to Captain Chris Reuter of High Seas Yacht Deliveries and the Perspective Yacht, on which we shot the film. Chris was remarkable in terms of piloting the yacht precisely where we wanted it - and getting the sun in just the right place for every shot. He also let Hudson steer the yacht back into harbor, which was a huge thrill for our son. Thanks, too, to Marc Kraft of Pacific Yachting and Sailing at Santa Cruz Harbor for enormous help in organizing the cruise and the shoot. The entire experience was  a blast! Greg Sanders and Ana Fouster.  Photograph  copyright © 2016 Alexander Chow-Stuart. The beautiful music is one of my all-time f

Boogieboarding With My Family

Photograph Copyright  ©  2014  Charong Chow Boogieboarding with my family is one of my absolute favorite things to do. We do it often, but rarely capture it on camera. This photo of me in the surf with our daughter was taken by my wife, Charong Chow.


Not quite the 40 foot waves at Mavericks yesterday, but fabulous to watch.  Photograph Copyright 2014 Alexander Chow-Stuart. 

From Dawn to Sunset on the Beach - Pelicans, Whales and Memories of my Father

A squadron of pelicans in a feeding frenzy. All p hotographs Copyright  ©  2013 A lexander Chow-Stuart. Living and writing by the ocean - in a spot we like to call Aldabra (which in reality is a remote and very beautiful atoll in the Indian Ocean) - the beach figures large in my thoughts and daily routine. Usually I wake early, and on occasion I walk at dawn through the waves, past the occasional fisherperson, enjoying the darkness slowly transforming into light, the spray of the breakers, the pull of the tide around my feet, the constant barking of the sea lions, the damp of the ocean mist - and the sight of the sun breaking over the horizon to the east. Dawn panorama on the beach. P hotograph Copyright  ©  2013 A lexander Chow-Stuart. Running from the waves. P hotograph Copyright  ©  2013 A lexander Chow-Stuart. Recently, a few days before what would have been his birthday, I thought of my father as I trod the beach at dawn. He came from a tiny Scottish fishin

Natural Beauty

Photograph Copyright  ©  2013 A lexander Chow-Stuart. Just another staggeringly beautiful evening on the beach. Life is perfect, enjoy every moment.

High Tide on Aldabra - Photos

All photographs Copyright  ©  2013 A lexander Chow-Stuart. As we enjoy our lives on this magical island of Aldabra - which might be located in the Indian Ocean somewhere between Madagascar and the Seychelles, or might equally be found in the mighty Pacific, along the California coast - we experience exceptionally beautiful events such as this high tide, one Friday evening a few weeks back. Tugged by the gravitational pull of an almost full moon, the waves came far up on the beach and created tide pools that were glorious to wade through. The waves were spectacular, the weather was perfect, the light and the sea air offered pure natural enjoyment. I never tire of the ocean. All photographs Copyright  ©  2013 A lexander Chow-Stuart.