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Happy Devember! (The Elf Train Song)

Hudson, Paradise, Charong and I are fortunate enough to have two Elf Friends,  Elgouin and Cargouin , who live in Golden Tunnels deep beneath the Earth,  and who have been a part of our family for four years or more. Every year, we hold a  Woodland Winter Fair  in celebration of them, of their part in the month leading up to the Holidays , and of the magic of Winter itself. A big part of the Winter Fair is singing The Elf Train Song (written by our magical friend, Camila Arnold, and me), heard in the YouTube video above. But Hudson has added an extra element to the legend of the Elves: the month of Devember, a one-day month that spans part of the last day of November and the first day of December - and is the official beginning of the Holiday Season for us. So tonight is Devember Night...and you can be sure Elgouin and Cargouin will be busy!