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Hudson, Apple and Sir Jony Ive (revisited)

In honor of British-born Apple design guru, Jony Ive, being knighted by the Princess Royal (Princess Anne) of England today and becoming Sir Jonathan Ive, here is the post I wrote on July 26, 2011 about Hudson's seventh birthday treat to visit Apple and meet Sir Jony, who proved to be an exceptionally quiet, kind and humble man... Apple's headquarters with its wonderful address. Because we've moved so far away from LA and Hudson's friends in Topanga Canyon, we wanted to make sure that Hudson's seventh birthday - which happened this past weekend - was fun and extra-special this year. Given Hudson's love  of the W Hotel - and their kindness and generosity to him - we decided to take the family to the W San Francisco to celebrate (see a separate post coming soon above). Then I had a thought. Hudson also loves Apple and the astonishing technology he has grown up with and loves to explore so intelligently (he recently reformatted a Mac