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From Dawn to Sunset on the Beach - Pelicans, Whales and Memories of my Father

A squadron of pelicans in a feeding frenzy. All p hotographs Copyright  ©  2013 A lexander Chow-Stuart. Living and writing by the ocean - in a spot we like to call Aldabra (which in reality is a remote and very beautiful atoll in the Indian Ocean) - the beach figures large in my thoughts and daily routine. Usually I wake early, and on occasion I walk at dawn through the waves, past the occasional fisherperson, enjoying the darkness slowly transforming into light, the spray of the breakers, the pull of the tide around my feet, the constant barking of the sea lions, the damp of the ocean mist - and the sight of the sun breaking over the horizon to the east. Dawn panorama on the beach. P hotograph Copyright  ©  2013 A lexander Chow-Stuart. Running from the waves. P hotograph Copyright  ©  2013 A lexander Chow-Stuart. Recently, a few days before what would have been his birthday, I thought of my father as I trod the beach at dawn. He came from a tiny Scottish fishin


Photograph Copyright  ©  2013 A lexander Chow-Stuart. Our nine year old son, Hudson, just had two weeks of sailing lessons, which he loved with a passion. The children got out on the ocean in their 13-foot sailboats, three to a boat and with Hudson at the tiller on several occasions. Their instructors were in a separate boat, using a bullhorn - the children had all completed capsize and rescue training and were wearing life vests. Many thanks to everyone involved. Now I'd like to try sailing myself! My father came from a Scottish fishing village, so the ocean is in my blood.