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Real World Writing Workshop - Saturday January 7th 2012

Photograph: Alexander Chow-Stuart. Since the publication of Lisa Millegan Renner's very kind article about me in The Modesto Bee , I have had many email and phone inquiries about hosting a workshop that focuses on the practical, "real world" aspects of writing:  ▪  Creating a successful outline. ▪  Finding the inspiration and energy to write. ▪  Seeing a project through to completion. ▪  Editing your book. ▪  Finding an agent and publisher. ▪  Exploring self-publishing and electronic publishing options. ▪  Negotiating contracts. ▪  Helping oversee the cover art for your book. ▪  Promoting and marketing your book. Also I will in the future be offering the opportunity to have me advise on a one-page outline of the project you are working on, and give any tips or comments that I hope you will find helpful. As you know, we have a Noir Writing Workshop set for Saturday January 21st 2012 - and a second Pixar Writing Workshop (since the first was so p