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Tarkovsky's Zerkalo (Mirror) - the most haunting film of my life

Zerkalo/Mirror , director Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975. And so back to Andrei Tarkovsky’s magnificent Zerkalo (Mirror) , perhaps the most haunting film of my life.  Moments from it are vivid to me in a way that has nothing to do with entertainment. It is the closest I have ever seen film come to poetry, and of course it features the beautiful rhythms in Russian of Tarkovsky’s father’s poems ( Arseny Tarkovsky , an important poet). A film to be watched repeatedly, to remind you of the richness, beauty, decay and mystery of life.  Right now it makes me think of glorious summer nights, and of bacteria and fungi, our intertwined neighbors on this planet. And, of course, of plaster falling from a ceiling. Or a bottle rolling across a table. My single favorite moment comes when a great wind blows across a field of tall grass or wheat, as a woman,  Maria ( Margarita Terekhova , who in effect plays Tarkovsky's mother, since the film is autobiogra