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Ang Lee's Life of Pi - The Eye of the Tiger

Ang Lee's Life of Pi, courtesy 20th Century Fox. My record of picking Oscar winners (apart from Slumdog Millionaire in 2009) is so bad that I might as well predict It Happened One Night as tomorrow's Oscar triumph (if you've never seen it, do - it more than deserved the "Big Five" Oscars it won in 1935). Before this year's Oscars, though, I want to say a word about Ang Lee's Life of Pi , which without doubt deserves the Oscar for Trippiest Film of the Year. Life of Pi is the first time that I have watched a movie and felt that 3D made a profound difference to the creative success of the film. There were sequences in James Cameron's Avatar that really used 3D well, but almost every shot in Pi seems to have been composed with the extra dimension in mind. Elements float at various depths, whether it is the astonishing hummingbird shot at the beginning, or the levels of swimming pool and sky shortly after, or the astonishing cosmic depths