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Random Thoughts About Insignificance

Theresa Russell as Marilyn Monroe in Insignificance. Random thoughts following my post about the new Criterion edition of Insignificance: 1.  I particularly remember the thrill, while we were shooting at night outside Carnegie Hall (the location for the original, iconic sequence in which Marilyn Monroe's dress is aroused by the air blowing up from a subway grating in The Seven Year Itch ), when legendary Broadway and film choreographer/director Bob Fosse came by the set. It was my honor to escort Mr Fosse around, and although he was more interested in talking about Insignificance than his own work, we did chat a little about his astonishing movies, Lenny and All That Jazz. I watched All That Jazz again recently, and aside from being blown away - as always - by the vast casting call opening scene, in which dancers are whittled down from a vast crowd to a few, to a background of George Benson's amazing rendition of On Broadway, I love the entire movie's huge ene