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Wolves - Hyperbole And A Half

Hyperbole And A Half - copyright 2011 Allie Brosh Some time back, in September 2010 , I mentioned a blog I loved called Hyperbole And A Half , created by Allie Brosh. Somewhere between a comic strip and short graphic novels, and drawn in an engagingly simplistic yet deceptively sophisticated - and sometimes disturbing - style, Hyperbole has quite a following, and with good reason. Allie's latest offering, Wolves , from which these images are taken, is a cautionary tale about Benny, a 13-year-old boy, who is lured into a "wolf pack" game by a bunch of six-year-old girls at a birthday party. What starts as a party game - at least from Benny's point of view - soon becomes an almost Lord of the Flies -esque run for survival.  The strip is funny, beautifully drawn, extremely perceptive of the nature of six year olds, and at times quite scary! Hyperbole And A Half - copyright 2011 Allie Brosh You should check out Allie Brosh's work - but if you're