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Throwing Snow in the Boiler Room - Ambient Bassy Trip Hop Music and Video

While I'm in my ambient dance trip hop mood, here's a truly beautiful set by British DJ Throwing Snow (Ross Tones) on video Live in the Boiler Room in London (courtesy of YouTube ). Tones is fascinating to watch as he works with a quiet concentration on the wholly original, fabulously bassy and enveloping sounds that he creates with a mix of samples, tracks, keyboards and iPad.  He's one of the few DJs I've seen who doesn't use headphones, and whose focus on his work is such that he creates an almost tangible private space around him.  His music combines elements of two of my all time favorite artists, DJ Shadow and DJ Cam , with its mellow, dancey beats, intriguing ambient samples and totally seductive bass lines. Throwing Snow from his Facebook page. Born in Bristol (the city that produced Massive Attack , Tricky , Portishead and Roni Size  to name a few), Tones is also one half of the duo, Snow Ghosts , featuring singer Augustus Ghost