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Rush Limbaugh - Wizard of Oz Moment

Limbaugh: courtesy of The Wrap. Rush Limbaugh has made a career of spreading prejudice, hatred and offense in the name of so-called entertainment, but his remarks about co-ed Sandra Fluke last week hopefully might derail his career. I wonder how Rupert Murdoch , owner of Fox News , or the owners of Clear Channel , the vast media corporation that broadcasts Limbaugh's radio shows, would react if Limbaugh called their own daughters "sluts and prostitutes." Limbaugh brings nothing to the public debate but divisiveness, hate speech (perhaps not under the strict legal definition, but certainly speech that provokes and encourages oppressive and sometimes aggressive views) and cynicism. What kindness, compassion or inclusiveness does he offer? The Wrap has an excellent article titled, Will Rush Limbaugh's "Slut" Remarks Derail His Career? Along with reporting the encouraging news that, in addition to two radio stations that have already canceled Limb