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More Than A Million Gather In Tahrir Square

Screengrab from Al Jazeera English: Live Stream It is hard not to be moved by today's huge and very peaceful demonstration in Cairo's Tahrir Square - and similar demonstrations elsewhere in Egypt - estimated by Al Jazeera English to be well over one million people, with numbers possibly as high as two million, with crowds in surrounding streets trying to enter the square. It is possible to set politics aside for a moment and simply reflect on - and empathize with - the sheer outpouring of emotion and energy of such a mass of humanity. Astonishing, too, to think that these demonstrations in Egypt would have been unthinkable a week ago. These crowds are not the result of an organized movement, although some initially used Facebook and Twitter to initiate protests last week, and certainly both social networks have been critical around the world in communicating international support (from individuals, if not so swiftly from governments) to those who wish for peaceful chang