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Crazy Horse's Vision

Illustration by S D Nelson, from Crazy Horse's Vision. Our children and we have been greatly enjoying a picture book, written by Joseph Bruchac and illustrated by S D Nelson , called Crazy Horse's Vision. It tells the story of a young Lakota boy named Curly who, after a brutal betrayal by the white men, sets out alone to experience a vision - something he should not have done without the aid of an experienced shaman. After days of fasting and seeing nothing, finally he sees a man on a horse, who tells him, "Keep nothing for yourself." He does not know the meaning of this vision, and it is some time before he learns it, but the boy becomes the famous warrior Crazy Horse - and the story is a wonderful tale of courage, silence and spiritual quest. The illustrations for the book are by the Lakota (Sioux) artist and writer, S D (Stephen) Nelson, and are done in the traditional ledger book style of the Plains Indians. The ledger book style of the Plains I