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A Vision of Hope (Revisited Anew)

This was one of the most popular posts I wrote for my blog, originally called A Wolf At The Door  and later renamed, more positively (in the sense of embracing our troubles rather than simply fighting them), Loving The Wolf. It reflects the heady yet deeply disturbing background against which the presidential race in 2008 was fought - and my personal belief that President-Elect Barack Obama offered the best hope for a nation that was already in deep trouble. I still believe that, despite disappointments that he has not taken on Wall Street and much-needed regulation more forcefully, and that he has been unable to change the acid climate in Washington (a task that looks more Herculean by the day). But I am very glad that he is our president. Simply by winning the presidency, he changed forever the face of America, making it more inclusive of all people - and I believe that he has done a pretty good job (given the obstacles he has faced, both from opposition in Congress and from a