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A Sequel to The War Zone

Very excited to be working on a sequel to The War Zone, my novel about incest, abuse and social breakdown.

I'm feeling really invigorated, fired up and ready to go. It's not a book explicitly about the barbarians at the gate, but that definitely helps fuel the journey the new novel is about. And it's not about forgiveness either. Some things can't be forgiven (although it will be far more complex than that).

When my wife, Charong, first suggested writing the sequel late last year, I realized how much I wanted to revisit my characters in a new time and with a different focus. In their way, I love them all (well, perhaps not the father) and life and time and experience, both mine and many others', have given me a whole new drive and vision. 

Yesterday, I received exceptionally helpful notes (many pages, an account not just notes) from Rosie, one of the Zoners (the group of incest survivors who came together through The War Zone film and book), which I cannot even beg…